Welcome to Maple D products,Home of the "Home made Jellies and Jams".

My husband and I would like to share with you and your loved ones the taste of our delicious jellies and jams.Our home based business was created in 2010 and it is owned and operated by my husband Michel and myself Florence Chretien-Deschamps. We are located in the heart of Sarsfield, a small farming community in the east of Ottawa,Ontario.

Supporters of our local fruit farms.Our fruits are personally hand picked in order to make the sweetest, freshest and tastiest jellies and jams on the market. We are always thriving to make sure you are truly satisfied with the look and taste of our products.

We are the first to create and offer you our Fire & Ice wine jelly delicacy.

We also offer other products such as delicious tempting pies, delectable tasty tarts,succulent homemade beans and a meat sauce that will keep you coming back for more.

                                                                                                                                            Designed and Edited by Debbie G. 

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